The Mighty Maize

Sorry fellow followers that I haven’t posted any new post since March. But I have been really busy with summer classes and just having fun. Well since school was out I decided to grow non-genetically modified corn also without using any type of pesticide. My mom was the one who had this wonderful idea of starting a garden in are backyard a year ago after we had watched a movie that tells you how your food is made it’s called Food Inc.  Planting the corn actually started as a task for me and my mom but she had resigned all her duty to me so I had ended up taking care of the corn by myself with the task of  pulling out weeds, making my own organic bug spray. There’s actually a better way then always having to spray plants with pesticide that actually can harm your pets and you. Use some vinegar, coffee, and dish soap to make your own bug spray for exact measurements please leave a comment below. So now all the corn has tassels  and two  corn plants have silk. There’s a total of 55 corn stalks and my plans are to save the seeds and put a lot of corn in meals and giving it to people so they can actually taste the difference in organic non-genetically modified heirloom corn. If you have any questions please ask them I will do my best to answer them have a great summer!


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