The Best Day Ever !

My mother, sister and I went early in the morning Saturday to my mother’s favorite place in the world the thrift store. I really can’t tolerate this place every time we arrive in the building I find me a chair to sit because my mom takes literally all day to look around the store. I have this weird thing were If I’m shopping or someone I know is shopping I always get really hungry. So after two hours of being in the thrift store we finally leave. When my mother was about to make a right turn at a stop sign my sister noticed the Hot Dog Man. We were so excited because the Hot Dog Man had disappeared from were the thrift store was located a couple months ago. The Hot Dog Man’s Hotdogs were my only joy for even going to the thrift store but once he disappeared every thing that I loved about the thrift store had died and shriveled away. We honestly thought we would never ever see him again. I had told him how much we missed his delicious hot dog and him of course. My sister and I had a hot dog meal which had his famous fresh homemade fries, onions, and green peppers and he added ketchup, mustard and his special sauce. My sister is sort of picky she had the a hot dog with just fries and ketchup, mustard, and his special sauce. His food is authentic and fresh and he has the best Jersey style hotdogs ever. The Hot Dog Man’s real name is William F. OGrandy and he is also available for parties and catering you can contact him by his phone number and email I will put the description below!

Billy O Vending
Phone number – 904-327-7649


Sunday is a Fun Day!!

My family and I were worried that last weekends bad weather in Jacksonville was going to mess up are plans to go to Jacksonville’s Annual World of Nations for anyone who has no idea what World of Nations is it’s a multicultural festival with food, music, and different cultures coming together through May 2-May 5. Saturday it rained all day we were so disappointed that we couldn’t go until Sunday.  Sunday was going to be the last day for the event. Sunday the weather was perfect it had stopped raining cats and dogs and all my family  members were able to go to the event.This event was absolutely extraordinary it’s a great event for all ages. This event could actually show young children various aspects of multiple cultures and traditions. Now to the cuisine there were different foods from each culture some spicy, sweet, savory, and mild every culture had it’s own unique flavor. At one of the booths I met a lady named Elaine she is a cake decorator and has the most moist delicious cakes ever! She had an assortment of pies and cakes at her table it was really hard to choose what I wanted but I decided to taste my cousins red velvet cake. The icing on the red velvet cake was smooth and thick and absolutely scrumptious. She also made the number eighty-one out of cupcakes for a senior citizens birthday party. We went to every booth there was at the event we went to Maui, Puerto Rico, India, Jamaica, Haiti. It was so much fun If you ever get to have a chance to go to a festival with family or just friends. Go to the World of Nations you won’t regret it.

All-American Hotdogs


Are you tired of boring fast foods that have unpalatable taste? Then come down to All American Hotdogs it’s a fast food joint that has great quality food and awesome service and they are famous for there beverage called cherry limeade you will be addicted to there food and services they also are famous for there chili cole slaw hotdogs. This business isn’t a large corporation that doesn’t benefit for the community it’s actually a family owned business. This restaurant is located at
10365 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville ,Fl ยท (904) 641-5794 and the prices are cheap.