The Mighty Maize

Sorry fellow followers that I haven’t posted any new post since March. But I have been really busy with summer classes and just having fun. Well since school was out I decided to grow non-genetically modified corn also without using any type of pesticide. My mom was the one who had this wonderful idea of starting a garden in are backyard a year ago after we had watched a movie that tells you how your food is made it’s called Food Inc.  Planting the corn actually started as a task for me and my mom but she had resigned all her duty to me so I had ended up taking care of the corn by myself with the task of  pulling out weeds, making my own organic bug spray. There’s actually a better way then always having to spray plants with pesticide that actually can harm your pets and you. Use some vinegar, coffee, and dish soap to make your own bug spray for exact measurements please leave a comment below. So now all the corn has tassels  and two  corn plants have silk. There’s a total of 55 corn stalks and my plans are to save the seeds and put a lot of corn in meals and giving it to people so they can actually taste the difference in organic non-genetically modified heirloom corn. If you have any questions please ask them I will do my best to answer them have a great summer!


The Sweet Life for Me!

Italian Ice Flavor Mango

Italian Ice Flavor Mango

We decided to stop by Rita’s Italian Ice on a hot beaming Tuesday afternoon. Rita’s is a franchise company that has many various and different desserts that will help you escape the pressures of your daily life. Their are so many different flavors to try such as Mango, Guava, Cherry, Cotton Candy, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Honeydew and the list is endless with different choices to choose from there quite delicious I thought that Italian Ice has the same consistence of Shaved Ice but Italian Ice is made through the same process as ice cream but it doesn’t contain milk and eggs. They use fresh fruit oh my goodness the mango flavored italian ice is to die for and it reminds me of the fresh sweet tasting mango’s me and my family get from Miami. The mango’s we get from Miami are way better then your local supermarket mango’s there actually sweet and delicious so Rita’s really brought back some sweet memories for me. When we arrived at Rita’s we had great service the employees were kind and courteous and the dessert was absolutely wonderful. If your stressed out or it’s extremely hot outside I suggest you go to Rita’s you will feel so much better!

The Pig Barbecue

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Are you a true meat lover? Well If you are you need to head on down to The Pig Barbecue restaurant  located on 9760 Lem Turner Rd, Jacksonville when you walk in you are greeted by the smoky aroma of  pit barbecue. The restaurant has an excellent staff they were kind ,courteous and polite our waitress named Lexi had recommended that we try there collard greens, banana pudding, and macaroni cheese so we decided to get the Slab special that came with a complete rack of ribs and a choice of  two sides for 25.99. Also when your about to choose your beverage ask for a Arnold Palmer you can’t go wrong with this beverage it absolutely refreshing and tasty. There food was so delicious I recommend you have their Slab special and choose macaroni cheese and banana pudding as a side you absolutely are missing out if you haven’t been there yet.

World of Nations is Coming Soon!!!

Do you enjoy food and different cultures coming together? Well the largest multicultural festival is coming to Jacksonville, Fl this event has been held at the Metropolitan park every May. The event will be held through May 2- May 5. Many countries come to the event such as Africa, Brazil, Cambodia, the Caribbean, China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, the French Caribbean, Ghana, Haiti, India, Italy, Laos, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, Turkey, Venezuela, and Vietnam many countries vary every year so there may be a change. This is a great event for family and friends to get together. Countries will be serving foods native to there nation. For more information check out the link below

La Nopalera Mexican Restaurant

Do you ever crave for Mexican food? well hoop in your car and head down to La Nopalera this restaurant has the best quality authentic Mexican food in Jacksonville, Fl. They have the most excellent service and recommendations I had a delicious dish called chimichangas it was wonderful my meal also had rice,beans, and was topped off with sour cream and tomatoes. The service is really fast when I arrived at La Nopalera right when I was seated in a booth they placed fresh authentic tortilla chips and salsa on my table the service was excellent. The food was fresh and the prices for meals are great if you ever want to hang out with friends and family this is the place to be.

Cami Cakes Bakery


The best cupcake bakery located in Jacksonville, Fl near Tinseltown is Cami Cakes Bakery If you ever stop by the city of Jacksonville you have to try there various delectable, sweet and savory  cupcakes they have over sixteen different assortments of divine cupcakes. Every single cupcake is made with affection and passion and you can definitely tell that the employees love making cupcakes for many individuals to enjoy. The motto that they follow is  “We create happiness one cupcake at a time”  There  are certain locations located in the United States that have a Cami Cake Bakery but here’s information about the bakery located near Tinseltown the information is below.
TINSELTOWN • Phone | 904.998.4611 9734-5 Deerlake Court, Jacksonville, FL 32246 Shop Hours | Mon – Thurs 10:30 – 7:30 | Fri – Sat 10:30 – 9:00 | Sun 12:30 – 6:00-