The Pig Barbecue

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Are you a true meat lover? Well If you are you need to head on down to The Pig Barbecue restaurant  located on 9760 Lem Turner Rd, Jacksonville when you walk in you are greeted by the smoky aroma of  pit barbecue. The restaurant has an excellent staff they were kind ,courteous and polite our waitress named Lexi had recommended that we try there collard greens, banana pudding, and macaroni cheese so we decided to get the Slab special that came with a complete rack of ribs and a choice of  two sides for 25.99. Also when your about to choose your beverage ask for a Arnold Palmer you can’t go wrong with this beverage it absolutely refreshing and tasty. There food was so delicious I recommend you have their Slab special and choose macaroni cheese and banana pudding as a side you absolutely are missing out if you haven’t been there yet.


World of Nations is Coming Soon!!!

Do you enjoy food and different cultures coming together? Well the largest multicultural festival is coming to Jacksonville, Fl this event has been held at the Metropolitan park every May. The event will be held through May 2- May 5. Many countries come to the event such as Africa, Brazil, Cambodia, the Caribbean, China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, the French Caribbean, Ghana, Haiti, India, Italy, Laos, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, Turkey, Venezuela, and Vietnam many countries vary every year so there may be a change. This is a great event for family and friends to get together. Countries will be serving foods native to there nation. For more information check out the link below

La Nopalera Mexican Restaurant

Do you ever crave for Mexican food? well hoop in your car and head down to La Nopalera this restaurant has the best quality authentic Mexican food in Jacksonville, Fl. They have the most excellent service and recommendations I had a delicious dish called chimichangas it was wonderful my meal also had rice,beans, and was topped off with sour cream and tomatoes. The service is really fast when I arrived at La Nopalera right when I was seated in a booth they placed fresh authentic tortilla chips and salsa on my table the service was excellent. The food was fresh and the prices for meals are great if you ever want to hang out with friends and family this is the place to be.